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HeartGold Team.PCBCOS Ref EDIT by ginnyw143 HeartGold Team.PCBCOS Ref EDIT by ginnyw143
EDIT- Added a new team member 'cause I needed something that could take out Red's Pikachu and use Rock Climb. x3; This Sandslash that I caught in the Safari Zone and had been sitting in my PC for weeks fit the bill, and she stuck. :3 BTW I JUST BEAT RED LIKE AN HOUR AGO FFFF after weeeeeks of trying yay. xD

Also, I might end up switching either Dreave or Cane... leaning toward Dreave on the basis of both type and character... for a Charizard. I wants one. :o Maybe not. *shrugs*

So... technically this was done last night, but when I tried writing the description... my eyes were sore and I couldn't stand looking at the computer anymore, so I gave up at 1:30. x3; This is my HG team, doubling as a ref for :iconpcbcos:, which I plan on entering with :iconcardboard-jukebox: . ^-^

Almost drew a different ref with just the Pokemon I'm using for this, but... that was everyone but Dreave, there wasn't much point of doing that. x3 My clothes originally had a few logos, and on the buttons too, but I decided against including them for the sake of the contest. I'll probably draw them in other, non-PCBCOS pictures.

Trainer: Ginny
A trainer from Ecruteak. Originally trained in Kanto at the age of ten with her first Pokemon, a Squirtle, and traveled on several Pokemon adventures in multiple regions, before returning home for school. During her time home she spent many afternoons at the local gym, gaining a strong interest in anything supernatural. Fueled by the desire to find proof the unexplainable exists, she decided to set out once again, this time with new Pokemon, both on a quest to obtain Johto's badges, and to find that proof of hers. ('Cause really, if I was allowed to walk around the country with a bunch of animals to train... I know this is how I'd spend my free time on the road. xD <33 ) Also interested in gaining information about ghost, psychic, and dark types, as well as Pokemon with an interesting mythology (such as Ninetails), and is constantly on the lookout for any and all legendaries.

Is fairly skilled but sometimes a little quick to act, and seems to have the unfortunate habit of trying to poison steel types. I'll get one eventually, just you wait. D:

Haze the male Bayleef. Brave nature. Likes to fight.
Attacks- Magical Leaf, Body Slam, Grass Knot, Synthesis, Poison Powder
A rough Pokemon who enjoys fighting and an amusing prank or two, Haze mostly concerns himself with what he can get a little fun out of. Though he may not be the nicest Pokemon you ever meet, and it can sometimes be hard to tell if he likes you or not (he'd probably tease you either way), he's very protective of those he cares about, and would do anything for them.

Stantz the male Gengar. Adamant nature. Somewhat stubborn.
Attacks- Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Destiny Bond, Thunderbolt, Substitute
Not your typical ghost-type (and not very good at being one- things like whether he can't float higher than a few inches, or just doesn't like heights, are unknown), Stantz is a cheery Gengar that is easily startled, but not easily swayed. When he gets an idea in his head, though something along the way might scare him, he sticks to it with all he's got. Also, after witnessing a peep explode in a microwave as a very young Ghastly, he has a fear that all marshmallows, microwave or no, possess this ability. He is wary of them.

Cane the female Hypno. Quiet nature. Impetuous and silly.
Attacks- Headbutt, Nasty Plot, Psychic, Psybeam, Thief
A silly Hypno, Cane uses her pendulum for anything but its intended purpose; the string seems to change in length quite often, but nobody's really sure if she's always changing it or what, as they've never seen where she gets it from, or witnessed her actually changing it- it just suddenly does. Has a very short attention span and the simplest things can easily capture her amusement. Despite this, Cane is a pretty skillful fighter, it's just recommended that her fights don't take too long- she'll get impatient and try to finish the fight as quickly as she can, which isn't always good for either side.

Reaf the male Scyther. Modest nature. Alert to sounds.
Attacks- Wing Attack, Double Team, Swords Dance, Night Slash, X-Scissor
Reaf normally keeps to himself, and enjoys training. He is one of the strongest member of this team (and the fastest), and though he knows this, he tries his best to not let it get to him. Normally very disciplined and level-headed, he can have a somewhat short fuse when people/Pokemon don't take something that's important seriously; when his temper flairs, it's like lightning- one powerful, intimidating below, then it's gone.

(Not Competing)
Dreave the female Misdreavous. Modest nature. Capable of taking hits.
Attacks- Psybeam, Pain Split, Shadow Ball, Power Gem, Perish Song
A much more conventional ghost-type, Dreave has an annoying habit of silently drifting behind someone, sitting directly behind their head until they turn, and scaring the crap outta them. She has an air about her that seems like a high-class woman from a previous time, elegant and reserved, and while it isn't difficult to get her angry, she never allows herself to get too worked up.

(Not Competing)
Hikory the female Sandslash. Lonely nature. Likes to thrash about.
Attacks- Rock Climb, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Crush Claw, Brick Break
While it isn't fully known what happened to Hikory before joining this team, it has been pieced together that she somehow got lost while foraging for food with a group of Sandshrew and Sandslash, and wound up near the ocean. Caught off guard by a sudden storm blowing in hurricane-level winds, she was knocked into the water where she not only began drowning, but was attacked by several Sharpedo, who were disoriented by the storm. Though not before the shark Pokemon had managed to rip off a claw, some back spikes, and inflict several other large wounds , Hikory's life was saved by a couple Rangers scouting the area. A while after her wounds had healed and she was moved to the Safari Zone, it became apparent that she wasn't doing well mentally. After much deliberation, she was allowed to be caught (by someone who had already won either 6 badges or 3 ribbons) to see if being on a trainer's team would help her any, and wound up here.

After a long period of specialized training, (as in, she's the only one on this team that I EV trained), she was actually able to bypass Reaf in terms of power, and has regained much of her lost confidence, though she is still rather distant with others, and keeps to herself. Her makeshift claw contains both one of her own claws (the shorter, cracked one), while the other is her hold item, a quick claw (please nobody use thief or knock off on her xD;;; ), and works surprisingly well. She also wears a black collar, 'cause she thinks it's pretty. :aww:
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Cathto Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your stuff is always so cute! Nice work and good luck.
ginnyw143 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010

Thanks, good luck to you, too! =D
Okusurei Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010
Words cannot describe how amused I am with the Hypno and how she's using her pendulum in the picture.
ginnyw143 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010
I luff my silly little Hypno. <33

Got a couple other ideas for how she can use it in the comic pages, but this was the first one that came to mind. x3
cardboard-jukebox Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010  Student General Artist
Awesome! No more ghost Ginny! X3

Also, Cane's description needs to be moved to the 'competing' section. ;3 Now, OFF TO FINISH THE PAGES!!!!!
ginnyw143 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010

There wasn't really any order to this, I was just writing down this information as they appeared in my party (checking natures and stuff)... but I moved Cane 'cause it does look much better like that. x3;

YAY. <3 I've been busy this morning, and I still got something else I gotta do, but I'll get that third page linearted as soon as I get home. ^^
cardboard-jukebox Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2010  Student General Artist
I've been working hard for a good hour now and almost have the second page completely finished. Hooray, we're almost done! XD
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